Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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Live in 3D!

Live in 3D!

How do you live in all three dimensions? In mathematics you determine the volume with the formula length x width x height. Your life doesn’t just have a certain length either, but also width and depth. You can influence the length of your life indirectly, for example by living as healthy as possible and by evading certain risks, such as dangerous situations and stress. You have more control over the width and depth of your life.

You can give more depth to your life by being of service to others. By adding something to society out of passion. If you do everything out of passion, it’ll give you a lot of energy and happiness. By doing that, you’ll also be an inspiration to others. Two great recent examples of this are SoChicken and 4positiviteit, two sites that I’ve been following for a while and give the world new positive impulses.
Of course, you can decide to live a shallow life. There probably won’t be anyone stopping you. Maybe you get the feeling every now and then that your life is being lived for you. The lack of depth in your life could be compensated by seeking happiness in a different way. For example by buying the latest gadgets. You’ll let your happiness depend on having certain items, instead of ‘being’. This kind of happiness is usually short-lived. There’ll always be something you don’t have yet.

For how many people are you important? What is your reach, your range? It differs from person to person how wide your influence is. Are you important to your partner, family and friends? Or are you even an inspiration to people you don’t even know personally? Some are even an inspiration to millions of people, like Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela.

More meaningful coincidence
If you focus on ‘being’ instead of ‘having’, you’ll experience meaningful coincidence more often. If you have a great goal in your life on which you focus yourself completely, your goal will become magnetic in some sense. It attracts situations and people who help you to reach your goal, especially if your goal reaches far wider than your direct environment, so if you don’t just focus on depth, but also on the width. If you really want something, the ‘law of attraction’ does the work for you almost automatically. So get everything out of life. Live in 3D!


  1. Beste Karin,

    Wat een mooi bericht. Bedankt voor het delen!

    Vrolijke groet,

    Mark Verhees

  2. Dank u wel voor de mooie en zin volle site, heb het gedeeld, en ga er zelf ook verbeteringen mee aan brengen .
    Fijn zulke waardevolle boodschappen.
    Fijne dag.
    Warme groetjes Henny.

  3. Leef 3D, wat een mooie gedachte.
    Je bent inspirerend.
    Dankje voor het delen.

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