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Go with the flow

Go with the flow

Each one of us has a talent, hobby or profession that gives us the feeling that our lives are enhanced and more meaningful. By investing time and energy in our talents, we can develop ourselves even further. It could be something in the artistic field, like playing music, painting or sculpting. But it could also be helping someone via coaching, therapy or voluntary work. Or maybe competing at a top level in a sport, or writing a book, or cooking. Whatever the activity, it’s positive and involves total commitment with your heart and soul.

Your energy flows
When you create something based on an inner passion and you make maximum use of your qualities, it sometimes happens that you find yourself in a state of total surrender. You enter a state of flow and you can feel the energy moving through your body. When this happens, you’re completely in the here and now, in the moment. You feel no resistance in the form of fear, doubt or insecurity. You trust your intuition completely and you believe in your own strength. You’re in balance, in harmony. You’ve lost all sense of time. You have no idea how long you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing. You become totally consumed by what you’re doing, and you do it with 100% concentration and focus. Nothing can distract you. When you’re in this state, you’re not concerned with your ego, or with the impression you’re making on other people, or what they will think of you. You have a clear goal in your mind, and you’re the one that has set that goal, not someone else. That goal could be your life goal (or it could later turn into one).

In motion
If you direct energy towards something, from your heart, that energy will become available for everyone else to tap into, setting them in motion. For example, a coach can set someone in motion by helping them to fulfil a wish. A singer in a group can literally set someone in motion by getting them to dance. A scientist can get someone thinking through an interesting article. The maker of a nature documentary can present the viewer stunning scenes of natural beauty and motivate him to travel. My vision on the meaning of life is to let as much energy flow as possible. Both within yourself and between individuals. The more positive energy that flows, the happier you will feel.

Coincidence lends a helping hand
If you go with the flow, you can feel the energy bubbling up inside you. It feels as though everything’s going your way. And when you’re in such a state, you’ll often find that somehow you bump into the person you need at that moment, or you’re attracted to the place that’s just right for you, and you end up in the situation that helps you further in your development. Doors will open for you. People will offer you their help without you asking for it. ‘Coincidence’ lends you a helping hand.

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