Monday , 24 June 2019
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Ants: building dreams


For a long time I saw sheep in the most bizarre situations. The end of this period was marked by my decision to follow my heart. As from a few weeks I am realising my dreams by working hard to my new web site, inspirational mails, workshops and lectures about meaningful coincidence. And now I see ants in the most ... Read More »

Focus on happiness

Focus on happiness

Two days ago I gave a workshop for the first time, which was about ‘Pure happiness’, inspired by my blog ‘7 steps to pure happiness’. It was an exceptionally beautiful experience. Not just for me fortunately, judging from all the positive reactions I received afterwards. Two days before that I was drinking cappuccino in a coffee shop. At the reading ... Read More »


Yesterday was a very special day for me. Accompanied by a girlfriend of mine, I attended an inspiring reading given by Mark Verhees of Voorpositiviteit. We wanted to be there so much that we were prepared to spend several hours in the car driving from Zuid-Limburg to the ‘Huis voor Zingeving’ in Oisterwijk. Queen On the way there we talked ... Read More »

Make your dreams come true

The reliving of dreams, my dreams. That’s what I want to spend more time on. My blog ‘The Grey (Blue) Heron’ is also about making dreams come true. With the heron as the symbol of intuition. And a feather that asks for attention. The feathers keep appearing. They remind me that I relive my dreams and have to trust my ... Read More »