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Valerian and the rose

Valerian and the rose

At the beginning of my holiday I had agreed to meet with a friend and her sister.
I had not met the sister before, but right from the start the conversation felt very familiair. She had an issue with a close acquintance of hers and she was pretty firm in her stance. The issue consumed her very much.

After a while my friend offered to let us draw cards. I drew “valerian” from the stack with the message “reset”. This card was especially appropriate to me. The message was clear. After a very hectic period at work I needed a break and some time off (just like with a computer: to reset). So this could not have been said more strikingly than with “valerian”.

When my friend’s sister drew her card I held my breath. I got the message loud and clear. But it seemed as if neither sisters did. That was a very strange experience, because to me it was pretty obvious.
She had drawn the card “rose” with the message “boundless, unconditional love”. How could they not see? The close acquintance whom she mentionned earlier was named Rose!
The message was clear to me from the beginning, just for that reason only.
A rose is a beautiful flower with thorns and referred  to the thorny issue with the close acquintance. The message was not to be thorny in her stance, but to choose for a boundless and unconditional love towards Rose.

My dilemma
As is just so happened the sister saw the rose mentioned in relation to love in a TV-show the previous night. That had impressed her. I was conflicted. I thought it better that she discovered the message on her own, because it was meant for her. Besides, who am I to reveal something so urgent to someone I hardly know? Maybe she did see the relation herself, but thought it too confronting to speak about it? However, not telling didn’t feel right either. So I decided to present my dilemma to my friend. Then she could tell her sister.
My friend had seen the relation between the card and the issue with the close acquintance, but without being aware of the double meaning of the worde “rose”.
A couple of days later she talked about it to her sister. She had indeed seen the double meaning and intended not to be so firm anymore in her stance regarding the issue.
All in all a very special experience!

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