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The Grey Heron

The Grey Heron

Last Thursday I had another goose bump moment. I was driving the highway to Utrecht in the morning when a blue heron suddenly appeared on the highway. Slowly and with much effort he tried to make altitude to avoid the car in front of me. For one moment I was holding my breath. Luckily he made it on time to get away. I knew that the heron would return for me that very same day. I just did not have a clue how and when. A white feather swirled into my car. Even then I knew it was related to the heron and what was to come that day.

I spend time at the amusement park the Efteling that afternoon. The meeting had already started, but luckily I was just in time for the presentation of the manager Strategic Marketing. Her Powerpoint presentation showed a white feather swirling downwards. She notices that she had everyone attention with this after the break. And surely did she had my attention. I’m thinking about the feather in my car. She shows a clip of the song Enchantment sung by their employees. A song that still gives her goose bumps.
After that we enter the amusement park each with an assignment. When we walk passing by the mini trains I see the attraction called The Blue Heron. I realise that this is what it is about, but I don’t see anything special. When walking back from the attraction, something special did happen. Two amusement park employees walk by and spontaneously burst into singing the Enchantment song to their co-workers standing at The Blue Heron. That for me was most certainly a goose bump moment.

Smile, sing, look around
make dreams come true
again and again
with each other
Magic is in a small gesture

While writing this down, I get curious about the symbolism of the heron. On the internet I find that the blue heron stands for intuition and meditation. Coincidentally these are themes for me I’ve been working on lately.

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